Erin Vocke

Vice President, Firm Group Examinations

  • Company:FINRA
  • Short Bio:Erin C. Vocke is Vice President, Firm Group Examinations located in the New Orleans Office. Ms. Vocke began her career in 1995 as an examiner in the New Orleans District Office. During this time, she conducted routine and cause examinations of member firms and focused examinations in the areas of variable products and mutual funds. Ms. Vocke became Supervisor of Examiners and relocated to the Florida Office. She assumed responsibilities for supervising Continuing Membership Applications and financial surveillance of member firms, in addition to routine and cause examinations. Ms. Vocke was promoted to Associate District Director of the Dallas Office and assumed responsibility of overseeing the District cycle, cause, financial surveillance and Membership Application Programs. She served as the District Director of the Dallas District Office for approximately five years and the District Director for both the Dallas and New Orleans District Offices for approximately six years. In her new role, she will be responsible for examinations of retail member firms across Member Supervision.
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